Mission & Vision

We, as the National Council for Canadian Tamils, recognizing the need for the Tamil-Canadian community to speak with one voice in asserting our legitimate needs and concerns, express our commitment to serve as the primary country-wide council, whose basic aims are as follows:

1. To organize Tamil-Canadians on a democratic, cooperative basis for Tamil-Canadian interests, and to advance the interests of the entire community;

2. To provide a common framework that facilitates communication, information exchange, and the sharing of ideas, expertise, and skills among the Tamil-Canadian community;

3. To ensure the effective use and distribution of Tamil-Canadian community resources;

4. To bring Tamil-Canadians together to co-operatively achieve necessary political, social, and economic change wherever decisionmaking affects Tamil-Canadians;

5. To facilitate co-operation among Tamil-Canadians in organizing services which supplement the political, social, and economic experiences within the Canadian government, as well as to develop and foster a sense of community with our peers and with other members of society;

6. To articulate the desires of Tamil-Canadians in order to be accorded the rights of citizens in Canada, and in the international community;

7. To achieve the goal of a system of political, social, and economic coordination for the progressive development of the Tamil-Canadian community; and

8. To raise awareness on the principles articulated by the Tamil-Canadian community through the December 19, 2009 referendum which reaffirmed the validity of the 1976 Vaddukkoaddai Resolution.

9. To advocate the principles articulated in the CONSENSUS DOCUMENT created by the TAMIL COMMUNITY GENERAL ASSEBLY on April 13, 2014, where over 80 organizations participated across Canada

Our Values