National Council of Canadian Tamils is a Not-For-Profit-Organization built by delegates elected by Tamils from districts across Canada. The birth of this institution came about in order to provide for Canadians a unified democratic voice for the perpetuation of the Tamil community within Canada and also to actively advocate for the voiceless Tamils of Sri Lanka.

NCCT is registered as Not-For-Profit-Organization with both Federal and Provincial governments of Canada. Canadian-Tamils took a historic stride on June 20th 2010, by pioneering and electing a nationwide organization, the National Council of Canadian Tamils (NCCT), run for Canadian-Tamils at a grassroots level, dedicated to raising awareness of the important issues facing Tamils domestically and internationally.

The elections, conducted by Tamil Elections Canada, allowed tens of thousands of Tamils from across the country the ability to vote for representatives at the regional, provincial, and national level. The elections resulted in 43 individuals being sworn in as the first assembly of the NCCT.

The National Council of Canadian Tamils first convened on July 1, 2010, after a formal inauguration event, in Toronto, Ontario. NCCT has assembled numerous times to establish a foundational structure for the governing body of the council. The NCCT has now become a legal entity, with its governing committee being responsible for the organization.

The NCCT has thus built a working system, in order to tackle the various issues that affect the Tamil community in Canada, while constantly raising awareness of the issues plaguing the Tamil citizens back home